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Maximise your return on investment

Commercial Solar Panels.

Solar panels can be seamlessly installed on various building types, including both residential and commercial structures. Commercial buildings, in particular, can reap substantial advantages from adopting a solar energy system. Their larger size provides ample surface area, allowing for the installation of a greater number of solar panels. This results in increased power generation potential and, consequently, a more substantial return on investment.

Business & Commercial

What’s the difference.

Distinctions exist between business and commercial solar panels. Business solar panels cater to small to medium-sized businesses, such as office spaces, and are often comparable in size to panels used in residential properties. Consequently, the return on investment for business solar panels tends to be similar.

In contrast commercial solar panels are predominantly installed on larger buildings, featuring significantly larger panel sizes. The notable size difference allows commercial solar panels to generate a considerably higher amount of electricity compared to business or domestic panels. As a result, commercial solar installations are eligible for a higher pay-out through the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme.

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SEG Tariff

What grants are available for commercial solar panels?

Although there are no specific grants available to cover the installation expenses of commercial solar panels, you have the opportunity to generate a substantial profit through the Government-backed SEG tariff. Under this scheme, energy companies compensate you for the energy you export to the Grid. The payment rates vary between 1p/kWh and 15p/kWh, contingent upon the chosen energy supplier. It’s important to note that you are not limited to selecting the same energy company that supplies your energy, so it’s advisable to explore various options to secure the most favorable rates.

Tax Free

Are there any tax considerations to be aware of?
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Are you aware there are 100% capital allowances on commercial installations? Speak to your advisor to find out more.

Any payments or incentives you receive from utilising solar energy are entirely exempt from taxation, as long as the primary purpose of installing solar panels is to generate electricity for your company. However, it’s important to note that if you establish a solar farm with the intention of generating profits, tax obligations may apply.

If you would like further details regarding the installation of business or commercial solar panels, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to assist you!